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The composition and main role of lithium battery protection board

Jul. 08, 2019

The composition and main role of lithium battery protection board shared by 18650  lithium ion battery supplier.

1. Composition of protective plate

Lithium batteries (rechargeable) need protection, is determined by its own characteristics. Because the material of the lithium battery itself determines that it cannot be over-charged, over-discharged, over-current, short-circuit and ultra-high temperature charge and discharge, the lithium battery lithium battery components always follow a delicate protective plate and a current protector. The protection function of lithium battery is usually completed by the protection circuit board and PTC cooperation, the protection board is composed of electronic circuit, in the environment of -40℃ to +85℃ at the moment accurate monitoring of the voltage of the battery and the current of the charging and discharging circuit, real-time control of the current circuit on and off; PTC prevents battery damage at high temperature.

Protection plate usually includes control IC, MOS switch, resistor, capacitor and auxiliary device NTC, ID memory, etc. The IC controls the MOS switch to turn on under normal conditions, so that the cell can communicate with the external circuit. When the voltage of the cell or the loop current exceeds the specified value, it immediately (tens of milliseconds) controls the MOS switch to turn off, to protect the safety of the cell. NTC is the abbreviation of Negative temperature coefficient, which means Negative temperature coefficient. When the ambient temperature rises, its resistance value decreases. When using electric equipment or charging equipment to react in time and control internal interruption, it stops charging and discharging. ID storage is usually single-wire interface storage, which is short for Identification, and stores information such as battery type and production date. May play the product traceability and the application limit.

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2. The main role of the protection plate

General requirements in 25 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ when the Control (IC) testing batteries voltage Control and charge and discharge circuit of the working current, voltage, under the condition of normal C - MOS switch tube conduction, the normal work of the batteries and the protection circuit board, and when the batteries voltage or working current in the circuit exceeds comparison circuit preset Control IC, the within 15 ~ 30 ms (different Control IC and C - MOS have different response time), the CMOS shut off, shut down or charge batteries discharge circuit, to ensure the safety of users and batteries.

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