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Jiangsu Sunpower Co., Ltd. On-Campus Recruitment Fair

Apr. 25, 2019

In order to continuously expand the company's talent team and add fresh blood to the company's innovation and sustainable development, on March 16, 2019, our company participated in the University-Enterprise recruitment fair of Jiangsu University. The company's good cultural atmosphere and broad prospects for development have attracted wide attention of College students. The atmosphere at the seminar was warm. Many students came to the seminar and actively participated in the interactive questioning.

The company's comprehensive management department colleagues from the industry prospects, corporate background, R&D capabilities and other aspects of the company's strong hard and soft strength, and focused on the promotion of the company's management training interns and other programs. Detailed introduction of the company's current talent needs and the specific process of campus recruitment in 2019 and recruitment posts.

Jiangsu Sunpower Co., Ltd. On-Campus Recruitment Fair

At the end of the job fair, the students were still in a state of mind. They actively exchanged face-to-face with the Director of the General Department and the Personnel Commissioner. They continued to consult relevant questions concerning their interesting and competent positions. They were in high spirits and crowded with people.

This campus recruitment focuses on the publicity and marketing of the company's brand, successfully shaping an innovative, efficient and talented company image.

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