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Does lithium battery protection plate have balance function?

Jul. 30, 2019

Does lithium battery protection plate have balance function?

1. It is necessary to take a balanced situation: in the case of battery production complete storage time longer, because of the difference of various static power protection plate and various cell self-discharge rate, forming the whole bunches, battery voltage, which has obvious differential pressure, but the same guarantee capacity, under the condition of equilibrium has the function of the balanced voltage to the battery pack, which can achieve full charge and full discharge of battery capacity, make the battery pack to maximum effect.

2. Equilibrium does not work: many people think the Li-ion Rechargeable cylindrical battery while using the middle and late balanced work, actually the battery pack is in use, to the middle and late due to the different batteries capacity loss, caused a capacity is poor, with balanced protection plate is can't to make up for the capacity of batteries, on the surface of each string of battery pack voltage is consistent, but due to the inconsistent capacity, low is tend to be in charge and discharge capacity of the single string of batteries to put protection and overcharge protection, so the capacity of the Rechargeable Electric scooter li-ion Battery is in low capacity of single string of batteries. Therefore, we should understand that the protection plate is balanced by voltage, and the capacity can not be supplemented.

Rechargeable Electric scooter li-ion Battery

3. Equilibrium effect contradictions: equilibrium generally has two elements: A: open balanced voltage setting: set below the equilibrium voltage, protective plate open equilibrium time is long, balanced effect is obvious, but the protection plate in A balanced produces heat at the same time, the longer the equilibrium time, the more heat, directly affect the performance or protect board damage; The equalization voltage setting is high, the equalization opening time is short, and the equalization effect is not obvious. B: setting of equalization current: the setting of equalization current is too large, and the equalization effect is obvious. The equalization current setting is small, the equalization effect is not obvious, and the equalization time is short.

Conclusion: if the battery pack is no more than 13 strings, it is recommended not to have the equalization function, but the battery must be strictly matched, and the consistency of cell capacity and internal resistance should be achieved as far as possible. Lithium battery afraid of storage, not afraid to use! Lithium batteries should be stored as a single unit rather than as a whole group, after the battery pack should be tested and delivered to consumers as soon as possible.

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