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Do You Know About The 18650 Battery?

Nov. 25, 2019

Our company is a battery supplier company in our local district. Power tool cylindrical battery is our main product. Because our products are of good quality and excellent price, they have won unanimous praise from people inside and outside the industry. We are looking forward to you inquiry. 

Power Tool Cylindrical Battery

Now let me tell you something about our products, the first is car 18650 battery. It has a lot of advantages, then I will tell you. There are many advantages of the car 18650 battery. 

First, Liquid injection volume: Generally speaking, the liquid injection volume of ternary 18650 2.6-3.2Ah cylindrical battery is between 5-5.5g. The specific injection volume depends on the physical parameters (specific surface area, morphology, particle size distribution), winding tightness, areal density, compaction density, etc. of the positive and negative electrode materials. If the injection volume is insufficient, it will result in incomplete internal infiltration, large internal resistance, fewer cycles, etc. Serious will lead to lithium evolution and further danger;  If the injection volume is too large, it will result in insufficient internal space (large internal pressure), rapid capacity attenuation, increased cost, etc. Here, the rapid capacity attenuation caused by liquid injection is due to the reaction of the rich free electrolyte with the lithium-carbon compound of the negative electrode with greater activity and the consumption of effective substances, especially at high temperature and during the charging process. 

Second, Tightness: Tightness is calculated by dividing the sum of the bottom areas of the positive electrode, negative electrode, separator and coil gap by the inner bottom area of the cylindrical battery. Generally 88%-93%. Similarly, the specific tightness depends on the purpose of the battery and the various performances of the final battery you require. If the tightness is too low, it will lead to space waste, increased cost, difficult infiltration of electrolyte (liquid consumption), cell shaking, etc. Excessive tightness will lead to insufficient space caused by subsequent cell expansion, which will affect electrochemical performance and easy disconnection with large internal pressure. 

Third, Number of lugs: the increase of the number of lugs can only increase the AC internal resistance of the battery in a limited way, and has no direct relationship with the DC internal resistance in the final use process.

Moreover, increasing the number of lugs will increase the difficulty of battery process design, increase the cost and end-use risk.

18650 Battery

High quality bicycle 18650 battery is a commonly used lithium battery in electronic products and is often used as a battery core in notebook computers. The definition of the model is: for example, 18650 type, that is, a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65 mm. Lithium is a metal element, why do we call it lithium battery? Because its positive electrode is a battery with "lithium cobaltate" as the positive electrode material, of course, there are many batteries on the market now, including batteries with lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, and other positive electrode materials

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