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The working principle of lithium battery protection plate

Jul. 19, 2019

The working principle of lithium battery protection plate shared by car 18650 battery supplier.

1. Overcharge protection and recovery of overcharge protection

When the battery is charging voltage more than the set value VC (4.25-4.35 V, voltage depends on the specific overcharge protection IC) after VD1 flip to Cout is a low level, T1 cut-off, stop charging. When the battery voltage fall to VCR (3.8-4.1 V, recovery voltage depends on the specific overcharge protection IC), Cout is a high level, T1 conduction charging continue, VCR VC must be smaller than a fixed value, in order to prevent frequent jump.

2. Over-release protection and restoration of over-release protection

When the battery voltage decreases to the set value VD due to discharge (2.3-2.5v, the specific overcharge protection voltage depends on IC), VD2 reverses. After a short time delay, Dout becomes low, T2 is cut off, and the discharge stops. When the battery is charged, the interior or door is turned over, and T2 is switched on again to prepare for the next discharge.

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3. Over current, short circuit protection

When the current of the circuit charging and discharging circuit exceeds the set value or is short-circuited, the short-circuit detection circuit will act to turn off the MOS tube and cut off the current.

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