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Do you know the knowledge of battery ?

Nov. 11, 2019

Hello, everyone! Shall I can introduce something about the 18650 cylindrical batteryHigh security 18650 battery18650  rechargeable lithium battery for you ? If yes, now I will begin . They have a very wide range of applications, so you must also use them, right ? Okay , please follow my steps .The 18650 cylindrical batteryHigh security 18650 battery and 18650 rechargeable lithium battery are our company's main product. But also we are one of the most professional suppliers in our country. Therefore, we have a lot of them for sale .

Cylindrical battery is divided into different systems of lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, cobalt manganese mixture and ternary materials. The outer shell is divided into two types of steel shell and polymer. The batteries with different material systems have different advantages . At present, the cylinder is mainly made up of cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries with steel shells. Lithium iron batteries are characterized by high capacity, high output voltage, good charge-discharge cycle performance, stable output voltage, capability of large current discharge, electrochemical stability, safety in use (no combustion or explosion due to improper operation such as overcharge, over discharge and short circuit), wide operating temperature range and environmental friendliness. Widely used in solar lamps, lawn lamps, backup energy, electric tools, toy models. The voltage measured is 1.2v for nickel cadmium or nickel hydrogen battery, 1.5v for alkaline battery or about 3.7v for dry battery. It is recommended to charge the lithium battery with a special charger. If the lithium battery is not properly charged, the explosion risk is greater than that of other types of batteries.  No.5 (AA) or No.7 (AAA) batteries of standard shape will not be lithium batteries.

Inr18650 2200mah Battery

Inr18650 2200mah Battery

Lithium batteries are commonly used as built-in batteries for electrical appliances. They are charged by the charging circuit attached to the electrical appliances. Good manufacturers usually integrate protection circuits on the batteries. Bulk cylindrical lithium batteries are mainly used as replacements for battery packs, such as notebook battery packs.  It is not recommended that you use lithium battery alone. The advantage of rechargeable lithium battery is their long service life. They can charge and discharge more than 1000 times. Even though the price is more expensive than primary batteries, they are very economical and practical from a long-term use point of view, and the load force of rechargeable batteries is higher than that of most primary batteries. However, the discharge voltage of ordinary Ni-Cd batteries is basically constant, and it is difficult to predict when the discharge will end. Therefore, in the use of cameras, such batteries are generally not used, while lithium ion batteries can provide camera equipment with long service time, high load force and high energy density, and the drop in discharge voltage decreases with the deepening of the discharge.

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