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[Science] Battery fast charging technology

Aug. 17, 2019

18650  lithium ion battery supplier shares that in the absence of any breakthrough in cell phone battery technology, rapid charging is very important for mobile phones, and phones that do not support fast charging are embarrassed to call themselves flagship. So, what are the differences between the fast charging technologies on the market? What are the characteristics of each manufacturer's fast charge technology?

The models in the second half of 2015 are basically equipped with rapid charging technology. Generally speaking, I consider charging power over 10W (5V 2A) to be fast charging.

First, a brief introduction to the evolution of mobile phone charging:

At the beginning, the cell phone rechargeable lithium battery is not big. At this time, the default 5V 0.5a USB interface can meet the needs of charging. But when smart phones came along and power consumption went up because of the huge demand for performance, 0.5A was no longer enough. An enhanced USB charging identification standard is defined: BC 1.2. It expands the charging current to 5V 1.5a.

INR18650-1500mAh Battery

INR18650-1500mAh Battery

But around 2013, there were smartphones above 3000 mah, and even 5V 1.5a could not meet the demand, so it was expanded to 5V 2A again.

Common sense:

The charging current of High security lithium ion battery is controlled by the phone, not the charger. That is to say, the mobile phone is a dam, and the charger is a reservoir. The mobile phone will intelligently test the load capacity of the charger. The charger is designed to output too little current, which limits how much the phone can charge itself.

This is why we choose high-power charger. For example, A mobile phone supports 5V 1.5a input. If you buy A 5V 1A charger, the mobile phone can only be charged at 5V 1A. If you buy A 5V2A charging head, the phone will control the current input of only 1.5a, with A low charger load and plenty of margin.

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