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Background of high voltage technology development for lithium ion batteries

Aug. 07, 2019

Background of high voltage technology development for lithium ion batteries shared by power tool cylindrical battery factory.

With the increasing demand of lithium ion battery capacity by electrical equipment, people expect the energy density of lithium ion battery to be improved more and more. In particular, various portable devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops have put forward higher requirements for lithium ion batteries with small size and long standby time. Similarly, in other electric equipment, such as energy storage equipment, power tools, electric vehicles, etc., lithium ion batteries with lighter weight, smaller volume, higher output voltage and power density are also being developed. Therefore, the development of 18650  rechargeable lithium battery with high energy density is an important research and development direction in the lithium battery industry.

A background in the development of high voltage lithium ion batteries.

INR18650-1300mAh Li-ion Rechargeable cylindrical battery

INR18650-1300mAh Li-ion Rechargeable cylindrical battery

In order to design high energy density lithium ion battery, in addition to the continuous optimization of its space utilization, improve battery anode materials are compacted density and capacity, using highly conductive carbon nanotubes and polymer content of bonding agent to improve the positive and negative active material, the working voltage of lithium ion battery is also one of the important ways to increase battery energy density.

The cut-off voltage of lithium ion batteries is gradually transitioning from the original 4.2v to 4.35v, 4.4v, 4.45v, 4.5v and 5V, among which 5V nickel-manganese lithium ion batteries have excellent characteristics such as high energy density and high power, which will be one of the important directions of future development of new energy vehicles and energy storage fields. With the development of power supply technology, lithium ion batteries with higher voltage and higher energy density will gradually come out of the laboratory and serve consumers.

Generally speaking, high-voltage lithium ion battery refers to the battery whose cut-off voltage of single charging is higher than 4.2v. For example, the cut-off voltage of lithium ion battery used in mobile phones has developed from 4.2v to 4.3v, 4.35v, and then to 4.4v (xiaomi mobile phone, huawei mobile phone, etc.). At present, 4.35v and 4.4v lithium ion batteries have been used in the market, and 4.45v and 4.5v are also favored by the market, which will gradually mature.

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